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Local Area (0.5 Mi Radius) State Average
Political Affiliation 1% Republican 30% Republican
1% Democrat 41% Democrat
1% Unaffiliated 28% Unaffiliated
Income 100 47,830
Race 1% Black 22% Black
1% White 65% White
1% Other 13% Other

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Gerrymandering as the manipulation of boundaries so as to favor one party or class. In case you missed it, this is a big deal in North Carolina lately. So we thought an interesting experiment would be to see how we, as individuals, gerrymander ourselves into districts. Do we choose diverse neighborhoods? Or do we "draw boundaries" around ourselves? We looked at three types of diversity: political affiliation, income and race. This is meant to be an interesting demonstration and not a political statement. Hopefully it will fuel productive thoughts and discussion.

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